Crude oil refining

Crude oil refining

kian Petroleum Company is an international specialized company in the petrochemical industry that produces petroleum products by refining crude oil

Crude oil from wells contains unwanted materials such as water and solids such as sand, bitumen and methane and ethane gases

To isolate such agents, it is placed in tanks so that the solids in it are deposited and the gases are released

It then enters the centrifugal separator, the role of which is to separate the water, gas and suspended solids

To remove mineral salts, the oil is washed with lukewarm water. Some of the oil is then piped to the refinery and some is pumped to ports


 In Crude oil refining To separate the crude oil fractions, several physical and chemical operations are performed on it to produce the products needed by today’s society

One of the most important is the fractional distillation of oil that takes place in the distillation tower

Partial distillation is a series of evaporation and refrigeration that takes place in the trays of a cylindrical tower

Pure liquids boil at ambient pressure at a temperature at which the vapor pressure equals the ambient pressure

Mixed liquids boil at a temperature that is the sum of the partial pressures of their constituent factors equal to the ambient pressure

Desalination unit

Crude oil  refining contains many undesirable compounds such as sand, mineral salts, drilling mud, polymer and etc
Mineral salts can produce toxic hydrogen chloride gas by heating in preheaters and distillation towers
This gas is converted to hydrochloric acid at the top of the distillation tower after condensation, which is very corrosive and damages the equipment
Corrosion controllers can be used to prevent corrosion due to the presence of salts in the crude oil
but the by-products of the corrosion control process include iron sulfide and iron oxide, which, if deposited, can clog pipelines, converters. And. Existing sand and mud can also disrupt the operation of pumps, pipelines, and so on

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