Oil Refinery

oil refinery

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An oil refinery is an industrial unit where crude oil is converted into more useful materials

such as liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, bitumen and other petroleum products

Oil refineries are typically large and complex industrial units in which different units are connected by multiple pipelines.

The world’s first refinery was built in Pulciti, Romania, in 1856.

Prior to the Nazi occupation of Romania, several other refineries were established on the same site with American investment.

Most of these refineries were shut down during the US Air Force bombing of Operation Tidal View in 1943.

These refineries have been rebuilt since the incident.

Another old oil refinery is the Oljeon Refinery, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site as an Engelsberg site. The refinery was opened in 1875

Petrochemical Refinery is a new generation of refineries that emphasizes the integration between refining and petrochemical complexes.

In fact, in petroleum refinery complexes

, the goal is not only the production of fuel such as

liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), gasoline, kerosene, gas oil and fuel oil,

but also special products and feedstocks required by polymer complexes and Chemicals are also produced and supplied.

In petroleum refining complexes, crude oil enters several process units as feed to produce a combination of fuel products and petrochemical base.

This has caused petroleum refining and oil refinery include various processing units complexes to require the use of special process units due

to the simultaneous production of fuel and other petrochemical-based products

oil refinery include various processing units

Refinery products

The oil refinery products are in light to heavy orde:

Liquefied petroleum gas
Naphtha (the cut between gasoline and kerosene, which is a combination of the two)
Kerosene and related jet fuels
Diesel and diesel fuels in general
Furnace oil known as fuel oil or black oil
Petroleum oils
Paraffin wax
Asphalt and bitumen
Oil coke

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