Kian Petroleum Company is an international specialized company of petrochemical industry with production and supply of various petroleum products and production and export of various petrochemical products such as naphtha, light and heavy hydrocarbons, liquid paraffin, diesel , etc

Diesel or gas is used as fuel for engines and thermal installations

Its hydrocarbon range is between C14-C20 and even C25 with a boiling point range of 385-250 degrees Celsius

Petroleum gas mainly consists of three groups of paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic, has a minimum flash point of 54 ° C and a maximum pour point of 0 ° C

This article includes any liquid fuel used in engines

This fuel is mostly obtained by a special distillation method other than diesel oil, but there are other methods for processing this fuel without the use of oil

such as Biodiesel, liquefied biomass (BTL) and liquefied petroleum gas (GTL) were mentioned, and their global use is increasing rapidly

Diesel is a colorless liquid, and in order to identify it and distinguish it from other liquids and products

they change its color to a brownish color

It is a mixture of different hydrocarbons that have between 14 and 20 (even up to 25) carbon atoms in their molecular structure

Its most important use is as fuel for engines, thermal installations and fuel of some factories

To dispel the ambiguity between oil-derived species and other species, the oil species is called diesel or petrodiesel

Very Low Sulfur is the standard definition of diesel that has very low sulfur

the quality

The quality of diesel fuel used in engines or generators will greatly affect the breakdowns and the quality of work of the devices

The quality of diesel fuel depends on several factors that are divided into two categories of primary and secondary factors

Primary factors are those that are related to production processes and should be considered before entering the work process

The shape of the chemical bonds, the amount of sulfur and water present, the amount of primary microorganisms, etc

make up these items. Secondary cases are cases such as the time elapsed from the date of manufacture

the amount of bonds broken and the secondary contaminants entering it, the amount of water and microorganisms grown in the fuel

According to the recommendations of most manufacturers of diesel engines and generators

initial tests according to ASTM standard and obtaining a fuel certificate based on the requirements of the diesel engine manufacturer are necessary

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