LPG Uses at Home

Kian Petroleum Company is an international specialized petrochemical company producing various petroleum products such as What is LPG Gas

What is LPG Gas

LPG—Liquid Petroleum Gas—is a flammable gas commonly used in residential heating, cooking and hot water systems; as a fuel in cars; and in industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing contexts

? Why is LPG a Good Option for your Home

LPG is the preferred fuel for home use for three reasons

Efficiency—LPG is an energy-rich fuel, with greater caloric value (heating value) compared to natural gas, coal, or other common fuels. This means that LPG burns hotter and more efficiently than other options, meaning better heating for your home and better bang for your buck
Portability—LPG is a highly convenient fuel source, with gas cylinders easily delivered to homes all around Australia, both urban and rural. It is also easy to store, with cylinders being safely located in homes around the country
Cleaner Power—LPG is cleaner than most other fossil fuels, with low sulphur content, low emissions of black carbon, and no spills. Its use helps keep our air clean and emissions of greenhouse gases low compared to use of other fossil fuels

LPG Gas for Cooking

Gas for cooking is one of the most popular uses for LPG in homes. Gas cooktops and ovens are the most common uses, but outdoor gas BBQs are also seen in most Australian homes

Cooking with gas has a number of advantages compared to other alternatives, such as with electric appliances. The most important of these is total control over the heat—an advantage that both amateur and professional chefs appreciate. The heat changes are also instantaneous, with no waiting for an element to heat up and cool down—you can jump straight from a high intensity sizzle to a gentle simmer in seconds

Similarly, gas ovens offer a number of advantages, primary among them is better control over moisture content in the food, making it much less likely to dry out and instead maintain more of its natural juices

LPG Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems are increasingly popular around Australia for their efficiency and on-demand availability of hot water

There are two types of gas hot water systems—storage hot water systems that heat and store water in a tank for use on demand, and instantaneous hot water systems that heat water on demand without the need for a storage tank

Instantaneous hot water systems are especially fantastic, as they do not waste energy heating water that is standing in a tank not being used. It also means no more half-cold showers because a certain someone used all the water in the tank earlier in the day

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