liquid paraffin

 white mineral oil

Kian Petroleum Company is the first international specialized company in the field of petrochemical industry, offering various oil and gas products such as  heavy hydrocarbon hydrocarbons and liquid paraffin.

Colorless and odorless paraffin mineral oils are highly refined.

These are made from paraffinic base oils.

White oils are biologically stable products without tolerating the level of support for pathogenic bacteria.

Completely free of aromatic hydrocarbons and has high lubrication and insulation properties.
White oils are used to make creams, lotions, lubricants, baby oils, hair oils and various other products.

White mineral oil is used in cosmetics, medicine, food, plastics, polymers and automobiles as essential raw materials.

liquid paraffin

There are two different types of liquid paraffin that are naturally different.

Each of these types has different applications in different industries and fields.

One form of liquid paraffins is the highly refined version of kerosene

Which is used as fuel.

Another is the heavily refined version of petroleum and mineral oils

Which has many applications such as applications in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Liquid paraffin as a fuel

it is a highly refined and distilled form of kerosene

Which we can use as fuel for lights and other devices.

This fuel does not produce smoke or odor when burned

And this important thing is that the fuel is not much more pleasant and attractive than refined kerosene.

Industrial uses, especially in the textile industry

In work shops and industrial affairs, liquid paraffin is commonly used as a lubricant

; It can be used to lubricate

blades that are used for cutting paper.

They are usually part of the composition of air filters,

Especially air filter s that are made to work underwater.We can also use liquid paraffin as the hyd raulic fluid of machines and equipment

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