Fact about Exxon Mobil Corporation

Kian Petroleum Company is an international specialized petrochemical company that has important information about the introduction of ExxonMobil Corporation

ExxonMobil Corporation is one of the largest companies worldwide

According to revenues and market value , the ExxonMobil Corporation is one of the largest companies worldwide today. Different sources may vary, but ExxonMobil has been ranked first or second on almost all company top lists by market cap. The oil and gas company is headquartered in Irving, Texas. It was formed in 1999 through the merger of Exxon and Mobil, but its roots go back to John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company in the 1880s

In March 2016, however, the Rockefeller Family Fund sold its ExxonMobil stock in an effort to distance itself from the fossil fuel industry

ExxonMobil’s most successful year

ExxonMobil’s most successful year within a decade in terms of revenue was 2011, exceeding the previous year by almost 100 billion U.S. dollars. At the end of 2019, ExxonMobil had a market valuation of approximately 295 billion U.S. dollars. Nearly 75 thousand people were employed by ExxonMobil in 2019

ExxonMobil is composed of three divisions: Upstream, Downstream, and Chemical. Upstream , which includes exploration and extraction, is by far the most profitable division. With approximately 14.4 billion U.S. dollars, it was responsible for around 83 percent of the company’s net income – not accounting for corporate and financing loss – in 2019. In the same year , ExxonMobil Upstream’s liquids production output was some 2.4 million barrels per day

The company owns oil refineries all over the world, with a refining capacity of some 4.73 million barrels per day. That makes ExxonMobil one of the world’s top refiners. The company’s proved reserves fell to a total oil equivalent of 22.4 billion barrels. The company owns less than one percent of the world’s total oil and gas reserves

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