What is Aromatic Solvent C10

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Aromatic  Solvent  C10

naphtha solvent is a thick, non-sticky liquid with a very fragrant odor. It is not soluble in water, but is present in aromatic solvents. Soloso is a member of the petroleum hydrocarbon family and consists mainly of mineral hydrocarbons C9 – C11 , mainly C10. They have thin, high-boiling solvents with excellent polishing. They are excellent properties for use in many coating applications. Used as a solvent in the paint and varnish industry

Synonymous with Aromatic solvent: naphtha 150 solution, aromatic solvent C10, also called aromatic soluso 150 ; A150 ; and cacozole 150

Production  of  Aromatic Solvent

This material is produced by distilling aromatic streams derived from crude oil. Processes and equipment for the production, transport and storage of these are continuous and enclosed. Global production of aromatic naphtha products such as A150 is expected to exceed 450,000 tons per year

What  is  This solvent  Used  For

This material is used in metallic paints, as well as in lacquer and certified paints. This material C10 is the high boiling point position (181-205 ° C). It is an aromatic hydrocarbon used mainly in paints and assignments, printing inks and chemical industries. Its evaporation point is more than the Caesar ester, and therefore can be shown to you in a way and by creating a film that can create color and beauty in the industry. You can buy a mixture of resin for casting and use in special petroleum fields by purchasing the book Ethylbenzene Australia and to provide viewers with the This material C10 . Synthetic resins and albidates have been modified using chlorines and rubbers

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